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The Sunrise is built around sweetness, silky body and a restrained acidity. Originally designed as a traditional espresso blend, we’ve found it serves very well as a drip coffee for those who prefer a simpler, smoother cup with lots of ripe red cherry. It shines with or without cream, and works especially well as a cold brew, where it’s cola and tamarind flavors come out into full blossom. Takes dark roasts well, especially for those who like their coffees to be full of deep pipe tobacco and malty sweetness. The components of the Sunrise Blend rotate seasonally as fresh coffees arrive, but the current iteration is comprised of a naturally processed Brazilian coffee and a washed process Ethiopian coffee.


Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow, Candied Orange, Praline



This blend is consists of coffees that are vetted for alignment with our sustainable buying principles. By purchasing this blend, you can be confident that we paid the producers an equitable price that supports a living income, provides producers with long-term demand and price stability, and that further investments are being made in these coffee-growing communities.

Espresso Blend (Espresso Roast)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 12 oz Bag Roasted Fresh in Colorado Springs, CO 

    This bag is whole bean for maximum freshness. 

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